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Stand up! Stand firm, for I am commissioning each
one of you in the call & anointing that has been
chosen for you, by God.

There is a battle for this
land, my land, the land that I have placed my palm
upon this day. Do you not know, that I hold all things
in the palm of my hand? Yes, even New Castle, for
there is a destiny that I have chosen for this place,
this territory.

This is a city of blessing. This is a city
of my fire, my holiness, my future.

2023, will be a year of rebirth, a rebirth of
compassion & love for all people. Voices I will raise
from this city will go to many nations of the earth.
There is a glory that is here, a glory of my presence
in many places, there are hot spots here in this city
scattered, which will come together.

I have given you
the city, the gates have flung wide, receive those
from distant places who will come to this land for my
blessing. I have deposited things in New Castle.
This is the Castle of the Lord! The King is here!